Food Security

Losses in farming yields due to natural phenomena can impact human wellbeing by preventing sufficient supply of food in the market or limiting people’s capacity to buy food. Changes in market supply can cause prices to shift adding unpredictability to the costs of food facing consumers. Evidence moreover from the 2006-08 surge in food prices indicates that volatility in food prices even if it only lasts for a short term can have a large long term consequences on the wellbeing of vulnerable groups. Poorer consumers for whom food expenditure represents a large share of their household budget may be forced to sell valuable assets at low prices such as land property to ensure access to food, increasing risks of a poverty trap.

Weak yields can also impact food security by reducing farmer’s earnings.  Especially for vulnerably employed farmers with low income and lack of access to social safety nets a loss in agricultural harvest can cause large losses in income also affecting their capacity to access food.

Through enhancing efforts for agricultural improvement conservation of crop diversity can help promote food security.


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