The study aimed to undertake an economic valuation of benefit flows associated to plant genetic resources conserved by the Greek Gene Bank likely to play an important role in food security issues.

Altered growing conditions in agriculture linked to climate change as well as the need to increase productivity to meet growing needs for food are two major challenges that the genepool of the Greek Genebank can help address. Applying the genetic resources of the Bank to breed new varieties with improved characteristics opens up new prospects in insuring agricultural production  from adverse shocks.

Insurance values as well as values relating to applications of genetic material to increase farm yields known as productivity values are the two types of services evaluated by the current study. Scenarios were developed to evaluate insurance and productivity values offered by the Bank.  Found to be significantly higher than productivity values insurance values represented by the genetic collection of the Greek Genebank range  from 55 mil Euros to 995 mil Euros depending on levels of future risks for agriculture. Since insurance values offered by  the Bank are decidedly higher than operating costs the study indicates that maintaining the Greek GeneBank is an economically justified policy choice.

Click here for the report on the ‘Valuation of the Greek Genebank’ (English PDF 3Mg)

Click here for the abstract of the scientific paper    Xepapadeas Α., P. Ralli, E. Kougea, S. Spyrou, N. Stavropoulos, V. Tsiaousi, and A. Tsivelikas. 2014. Valuing insurance services emerging from a gene bank: The case of the Greek Gene Bank. Ecological Economics 97: 140–149


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