The project  titled ‘Evaluation of the Greek Genebank  (EGGEN AUEB) aims to generate estimates of economic values associated to crop genetic resources held by the Greek Genebank. The  Greek Genebank (GGB)  works for over 30 years to rescue store and conserve a high percentage of the variation in food crops and their wild relatives available in Greece. Greece is home to an exceptional variety of crops offering multiple values with a potential of directly impacting and increasing human wellbeing. Yet values of crop genetic resources of Greece are still largely invisible while there is lack of sufficient economic information based on which society can take decisions to act to reward this environmental resource. Among the main benefits generated by crop genetic diversity is improved food production. Having a wide pool of genetically varied crops helps researchers and plant breeder’s access attractive traits for new improved varieties with new characteristics such as increased yields or resistance to disease. Besides enhancing food production crop diversity can impact human wellbeing by affecting the economy and influencing farmer’s earnings, livelihoods as well as affecting ecosystems and sustaining culture. The current project will focus in estimating values of genetic resources relating to bettering food production also taking into account a changing climate.

Coordinated by Athens University of Economics and Business and jointly implemented with the Greek Genebank and the Greek Biotope Wetlands Center (EKBY) the project was carried out between January and December 2012 and was funded by the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation.


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